About LH

Photo of LindsayIt all started in Ms. Dymerski’s 6th grade French class, when after weeks of frustration in memorizing French’s six whole words for “to be”, that light bulb moment came to pass, and I realized that suis, es, est, sommes, êtes, et sont were variations on the same idea, and that, voilà, English did the same thing.

Studying language, linguistics, and how people learn has given me lenses through which I understand the critical variations on a shared idea, a lived experience, a divergent understanding, a political orientation, a structured inequality. I believe education is a political and moral act and ground my practice in the ethics of care. As a mentor, I ask more questions than give answers, believe feedback drives learning, and model reflective teaching & learning practices.

My professional interests are digital pedagogy, information literacy, technology & teaching, online learning, language teaching & learning, writing-to-learn, and higher education labor. Otherwise, I love dogs, the indoors, tous les choses francophones, organizing information, bowling, tacos, noodle soups, episodic TV, and the American west.

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